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Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about Achieve Pediatric Therapy as well as general Occupational Therapy questions. If you do not see your question listed, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Achieve Pediatric Therapy accept insurance?

Does Achieve Pediatric Therapy accept Medicaid?

Do you offer financial assistance or a sliding fee scale?

Do I need a referral to receive Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy?

What ages does Achieve Pediatric Therapy see?

What days and/or hours do you work?

When do you require payment for therapy services?

Can your therapists co-treat with therapists of other disciplines, like Speech and Language therapists?

Do you accept credit cards?

Occupational Therapy Questions

Will my insurance cover my child's Occupational Therapy?

What causes delays and/or sensory processing disorders?

How often will my child have to be seen for occupational therapy?

How do I know if my child needs to have an Occupational Therapy Evaluation?

My child is only two years old, but is over/under responsive to touch, sounds, new foods, movement actitivites, and daily bathing and grooming activities. Should I wait for him to 'grow out of it'?

My child was dismissed from occupational therapy at his school. I feel that he still needs treatment, what can I do and why was he dismissed at school?

How will I know if my child has a Sensory Processing Disorder?